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Managed Disaster Recovery Service

Disaster Recovery in the Cloud - Simple Automated Protected

Safeguard your business from IT systems failures

Santos ITS Managed Disaster Recovery Services offers your business an easy way to recover quickly from a disaster -getting your systems and your business back up and running in minutes. We give you the peace of mind in knowing you’re covered and your business is protected.

Our cloud-based service means you can avoid the major capital expense of on site disaster recovery solutions. We replicate your critical systems to the Cloud and monitor and manage the state of your protected instances remotely. We ensure that if your systems unexpectedly go down for whatever reason, you can get back online in a matter of minutes – reconnecting to a complete, up-to-date replica of your systems and getting back to business quickly and seamlessly.

Cost Effective

Our Disaster Recovery Service gives you:

  • Full service management from our experts
  • Automated protection and replication
  • Remote health monitoring
  • Customisable recovery plans
  • No impact recovery plan testing